Structural components

Structural components. TP REFLEX offers a wide range of structural components for household appliances produced in a process of plastic injection molding. Molding machines of different size (from 25 to 1300 ton) allow TP REFLEX to produce components weighing from few grams to more than 5 kg. The components are usually designed as co-engineering with the clients in order to optimize the performance of both the product and the process. For some applications, the components may undergo a subsequent process of size adjustment.

Materials: PP (natural, mineral filled, fiber glass filled); PA (natural, fiber glass filled); Molding machine size: from 25 to 1300 ton Our Sales Office remains available for any further queries, clarifications and consulting provided by our highly competent experts.

TP REFLEX has the right to change the contents of this catalog and denies any responsibility for other use / incorrect application of its products.