Mechanical safety devices

Mechanical safety device for water supply (anti-flood system): The mechanical safety device for water supply is a component intended for flood prevention in case of failure; destined to dishwashers and washing machines. The product consists of a normally open mechanical valve, a threaded nut connecting to the water system, an internal hose (water inlet hose), a corrugated external hose (safety hose) and a ring nut connecting the household appliance. In case of water loss from the inlet hose, the water spillage is collected by the external corrugated hose and reach blocking mechanism present inside mechanical valve causing closure of valve and preventing possible flooding. The mechanism doesn’t require any electrical power supply.

Length: standard 1.5 m (custom lengths available)
Capacity: determined by household appliance
Supply operating pressure: 0.2 – 10 Bar (0.02 – 1 MPa)
Maximum water temperature: cold water version 2°-50°C ; hot water version 2°- 90°C 
Ambient operating temperature: 5°C  - 60°C Construction -  internal hose : PVC with textile reinforcement
Construction  –  external hose: PP Inlet connection (from water system): threaded nut UNI ISO 228  ¾ GAS (with optional plastic ring nut; brass threaded plastic ring nut; brass ring nut) or  ASME ¾ 11.5 NH (for US market)
Connection to household appliance: threaded ring nut UNI ISO 228  ¾ GAS or ASME ¾ 11.5 NH (for US market) 
Certifications: EN 61770 (hose set); product with VDE Mark 
Product Models: SIC800; SL-EPP; SL-EPQ
Marking Marcatura

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