Inlet hoses

Inlet hoses for household appliances. Sets for connecting household appliances to the water supply consisting of an inlet hose and systems for connecting
to the water system / household appliances; available in cold water/hot water version.

standard 1.5 m (custom lengths available) 
Capacity: determined by the connected household appliance 
Burst pressure: depending on the version, from 40 to 150 bar 
Maximum water temperature: cold water version 2°50°C; hot water version 2°- 90°C  
Ambient operating temperature: 5°C  - 60°C 
Hose size: depending on the version (std 8.5X12.5 mm; 10x14.5 mm; 10x16 mm ; 13x20 mm)
Hose material: PCV with textile reinforcement; PEX; TPU with textile reinforcement; TPU with metal reinforcement (heavy duty applications) 
Inlet connection (from water system) / outlet connection (to household appliance): threaded ring nut UNI ISO 228  ¾ GAS or UNI ISO 228 ½ GAS (optional plastic ring nut; brass ring nut) or ASME ¾ 11.5 NH (for US market appliances) straight (180°) or curved (90°) ring nuts available 
Certifications: EN 61770 (hose set); WRAS approval (drinking water compliance).  

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