Decalcification systems

Water decalcification systems Water decalcification systems are designed for dishwashers with the main aim to remove water hardness at the inlet to the household appliance for optimizing its reliability (elimination of scale buildup) and performance (efficiency of detergents). This is possible thanks to the presence of ionic exchange resins that remove the ions causing water hardness. The resins in turn can be regenerated with salt (NaCl). The decalcification system usually consists of an “air break” component, a “decalcifying” component and relevant accessories. The “air break” component contains an air gap (to prevent siphoning to the water system); a regeneration water tank (for regeneration of resins) and a steam condensation zone (to connect the dishwasher tub with the air supply). The “air break” component can be equipped with a flow meter (to determine the quantity of water at the inlet). The “decalcifying” component contains a tank for resins, a tank for salt, a valve connecting the tanks and a sensor (electrical or mechanical sensors) to detect the presence/absence of salt in the relevant tank. The accessories consist of taps, ring nuts and seals to connect the system inside the household appliance. The decalcification system is usually defined on the basis of the client’s specifications (size, performance), however, some basic versions are available to the market.

Inlet capacity: 
2 – 6 l/min (according to the client’s specification)
Salt container capacity: 0.5 – 2 kg (depending on the client’s needs / performance)
Resin container capacity 200-800 cc (depending on the client’s needs / performance)
Supply voltage of regeneration valve: 220/240V AC 50/60Hz  or 120V AC 60Hz; (12 V and 24 V, AC or DC on request);
Maximum inlet water temperature: 70°C;
Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C (70°C on client’s request)
Certifications: EN 60730 (solenoid valve); product with ENEC Mark (UL approval on request)

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