Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves. TP REFLEX produces indirect acting solenoid valves intended for water intake by household appliances connected to the water supply system.
TP REFLEX offers a wide range of customizable single check valves

Available configurations
Single valves (one inlet, one outlet) with a 90° stem (outlet 90° situated to inlet) or 180° (outlet 180° situated to inlet).
Double valves (one inlet, two outlets) with a 90° stem (outlet 90° situated to inlet) or 180° (outlet 180° situated to inlet).
Triple valves (one inlet, three outlets) with a 90° stem (outlet 90° situated to inlet) or 180° (outlet 180° situated to inlet).
Single, double, triple, quadruple line valves: Valves for direct connection to the detergent tank or water distribution system. Customizable with one inlet and up to 4 outlets 
Available capacity (capacity regulator at inlet): 0.25 l/min -2.5 l/min (capacity regulator at outlet); 2.5 – 20 l/min (capacity regulator at inlet) 
Supply operating pressure: 0.2 – 10 bar  (0.02 – 1 MPa) 
Maximum water temperature and duty cycle: 90°C  AB 3/5min or 25°C 100% ED 
Ambient operating temperature: 5°C  - 60°C 
Electrical supply voltage: 12V & 24V AC (50/60Hz) or DC; 120V AC (60Hz); 230V AC (50/60Hz); 220V/240V AC (50/60Hz) 
Available electrical connections: Fastons 6.3x0.8mm pitch13 (230V; 220/240V; 120V; 24V & 12V); Fastons 6.3x0.8mm pitch 15mm  (for 120V); Rast2.5 Connection (230V; 220/240V; 120V; 24V DC) 
Mechanical fixing: metal flange; plastic flange; integrated plastic flange (snap fix) 
Inlet connector for water system: thread connection UNI ISO 228  ¾ GAS or ASME ¾ 11.5 NH for US applications 
Household appliance connection outlet: standard connection for rubber hoses (hose holder diameter 11.5mm or 13.5mm); threaded connection UNI ISO 1/4 GAS ; connection with con radial O-ring; push-in system connection 
Extra options (available in some models):
Dynamic Backflow Preventer (NRV) consisting of two non-return valves complying with the requirements of EN61770 for non-return systems 
Integrated Flow Meter Sensor: integrated system for measurement of the volume of supplied water.

The sensor generates a signal at a frequency proportional to the water capacity. Our Sales Office remains available for any further queries, clarifications and consulting provided by our highly competent experts.
TP REFLEX has the right to change the contents of this catalog and denies any responsibility for other use / incorrect application of its products.