Outlet hoses

Outlet hoses for household appliances. Sets for connecting household appliances to the water outlet consisting of a flexible corrugated hose and end connectors. Outlet hoses are provided with a wide range of diameters and corrugations (with the possibility of inserting rigid segments) and overmolded or radial O-ring seal connectors. Outlet hoses are also available with an integrated anti-siphon system intended for both dishwashers and washing machines.

Custom lengths available 
Water temperature: 2° ÷ 90°C; 
Ambient operating temperature: -15°C  ÷ 90°C 
Hose size (internal/external): depending on the version; standard from 4.5x8.5 mm up to 40x45.5mm (other sizes available on request) Connectors: curved connector (90°); straight connector; internal diameters from 7.5 to 40 mm

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